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The Universe Is a Green Dragon

(a nice review I came across for Brian Swimme’s charming and profound book, The Universe Is a Green Dragon: A Cosmic Creation Story):

“The universe continues to unfold, continues to reveal itself to itself through human awareness”. Simply stated, Swimme’s premise is that “the universe is a single multiform event. There is no such thing as a disconnected thing. Each thing emerged from the primeval fireball, and nothing can remove the primordial link this establishes with every other thing in the universe, no matter how distant”. The same dynamics that forged the fireball and the trillions of stars are also at work within us. We are dragon fire.

“The universe is enchantment”, and Swimme’s profound book is liberating. As the universe unfolds, it demands our response: “Do we awake, dedicating ourselves to a vision of beauty worthy of our fire’s origin?”.