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Judgement Is The Glue That Keeps The Illusion Locked In To Place

“...the whole persona complex includes your moral principles. Ethics and social mores are internalized as part of the persona order, and [Carl] Jung tells us that you must take that lightly, too. Just remember, Adam and Eve fell when they learned the difference between good and evil. So the way to get back is not to know the difference. That's an obvious lesson, but it's not one that's very clearly preached from pulpits. Yet Christ told his disciples, “Judge not, that ye be not judged.” You judge according to your persona context, and you will be judged in terms of it. Unless you can learn to look beyond the local dictates of what is right and what is wrong, you're not a complete human being. You’re just a part of that particular social order.”

—Joseph Campbell, Pathways to Bliss

When you judge someone, you're not just affirming that they're “wrong”, but you're also affirming that there is wrong. And you're also affirming that they're not infinite, which follows that you're not infinite because you're also affirming that you're separate (or that there is such a thing as separation). Judging people for being wrong, also affirms the same wrong inside you. Instead, by not judging and forgiving all, you see people as Christ/Buddha/Self, which means so are you.

Simply put, judgment is an affirmation that you want more judgement, which means you are affirming and strengthening the ego. The ego is what keeps the illusion locked in place.