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I offer a unique blend of coaching and mentoring for artists, entrepreneurs and other growth-minded “funseekers” who are simply looking to have more fun and enjoyment in their life and their work.

Coaching and mentoring can be extremely helpful in getting you unstuck from sucky recurring patterns in your life, such as having creative blocks, not making enough money, not having supportive relationships, or generally lacking clarity about your life's direction. It does wonders for creating a life that is aligned with your values, your strengths and what makes you happy. It helps you to create the freedom to have the experiences that you want to have, do the work that you're naturally drawn to, and pursue the types of relationships that light you up, while giving you a renewed sense of purpose and meaning in your life.

“Thanks for helping me understand how to come out of negative thinking! What a difference it has made for me already.”

Conor Provenzano, Filmmaker

My approach is to hold open the space of possibility, even when you can’t see it yourself, and to point out where your thinking is stopping you from seeing it. We all have beliefs about ourselves that are in fact irrational limitations, but because we can’t get out of our own head, it’s notoriously difficult to see how and where we are standing in our own way. As a coach, it is my job to never lose sight of that expanded possibility, and with “firm gentleness,” guide you back to the right path, and slowly and surely (sometimes even very quickly!), you will begin to dissolve those pesky limiting patterns that have held you back from your full potential.

It is my honor to be able to assist you on this path towards your greatness, and towards a sense of more joy, peace, aliveness, abundance and creative expression. There’s nothing better than learning how to truly have fun in life!

Please contact me if you have any questions about working together, or if you’d like to dive in right away, you can schedule a free session together.

“Chris has helped me make a profound shift in how I view what’s possible in my life. I went to film school many years ago to realize my passion of becoming a film director. But I settled for being an editor. And while I’ve had a good career, I also had the feeling that I’d abandoned my true dream, and that my ship had sailed.

One of the most powerful things about talking to Chris is that he asks GREAT questions. And in a very gentle way (you barely realize it’s happening) you start questioning your own limiting beliefs. You realize that some of them are arbitrary. Our conversations have helped me see much bigger possibilities. And that has lead to bigger actions. He also has a wealth of things he can refer, books, blogs, hacks, tips that have helped me in very practical ways as well.

Now as I take giant steps (for me) towards directing my first film in years, I know it’s happening with a mental framework that Chris has helped me create. If you’re trying to grow or create something new in your life, I highly recommend him!”

Cinque Northern, Filmmaker

If you’re feeling excitement about the possibilities for your life and this is all resonating deeply with you, then it would be my privilege to help guide you toward your path. I love helping people like you live more fully and freely, so I invite you to apply for a totally free Clarity Call + Strategy Session with me here.

Questions? Drop me a line.

If you want to know more about who I am, I invite you to check that out as well.

It takes courage to begin living joyfully on purpose, but the rewards can be great.

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“When I first started working with Chris I felt constantly pulled in multiple directions and overextended. Even while on vacation I noticed that I had overbooked myself for several obligations. I spent very little time focusing on my own well-being. I lacked the calm and peace that I wanted in my life. This left me feeling emotionally exhausted and often short fused.

Very shortly after I started working with Chris I began to reshape my choices and feel more empowered to make better decisions both regarding how I framed my everyday experience and how I chose to spend my time. I started developing healthy habits that renewed my energy. I became happier at work and at home and shifted away from feeling guilty to feeling present.

Probably my biggest a-ha moment came in a convenience store while buying dinner and realizing that I was blaming the store for my own decision to schedule back-to-back meetings all day and not make time for a healthy dinner. Repeating to myself “I created this because I wanted to” helped me see that I am in charge of my own life, energy, thoughts, and decisions.

I have worked with psychologists and counselors in the past, but I found my experience with Chris to have almost immediate results and provide me with a practical framework to improve my outlook and life. I’m now a better parent and a happier person.”

Julia Whitaker, Physician & Entrepreneur

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