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When I started having fun.... That was the moment that I never looked back (seriously).

My whole life I struggled to feel normal and accepted. That’s because later I would find out that what I saw as “normal” around me, was not natural at all. People getting burnt out, sacrificing their life’s energy and vitality to go to a sucky job, delaying their passions and dreams until they would someday get their ducks in a row. People doing what others told them they “should be doing” with their life. Following a prescribed path already worn down by those before them.

When I finally realized how nature is supposed to work, I started letting go of “normal.”

The thing is, I finally realized that there were plenty of other people out there who wanted the same thing I did. Another secret I kept hidden for years was that I thought I was the only one who felt this way — and  I thought I had to keep my abnormalcy to myself. What I discovered was that plenty (all?) of people secretly want there to be another way. Perhaps this is you, reading this now! What do you really long for? What would you do if you didn’t have anyone else’s agendas ruling your life? What could you let go of and immediately feel free to then do?

Start inhabiting your true life, your true nature, your true self.

I work with artists (and would-be artists), such as filmmakers, game designers, software artisans, and entrepreneurs who are looking to carve out their own path toward a life that is full of joy and purpose. An amazing life that fills them with zest and gusto (for reals!). One that fits their own life patterns perfectly.

You lack perspective and objectivity. I can help you with that.

When people first come to me, they often have a vague idea of the kind of life they want to be living, but they have so many cobwebs up in the ol’ noggin haunting their thoughts about what is possible and how to go about it. When we begin working together, we start by identifying points of friction in your life and in your thinking that are causing you to feel like you’re drifting and stuck in unfulfilling situations.

Once we start to identify what these thoughts are and where they came from, and if they’re true or if they serve you, we then begin to start asking what new thoughts you’d like to cultivate: Where would you like to go? What would you like to build? What do you need in order to build it? What kind of people would you like to have help you?

We then begin to carve out a path toward freedom — freedom to do the work you are naturally drawn to, the work that excites you and sparks joy, the freedom to pursue the types of relationships you enjoy, relationships that delight and inspire you, and the freedom to have the kind of experiences that you want to have, experiences that allow you to make a meaningful contribution to the world.

Feeling Good Is An Inside Job.

That. I’m somewhat embarrassed to say that it took me 20 years to learn that lesson. You’ve gotta get your inner life right before anything will work in your outer life. I did had a sense of that when I was younger, and later I started understanding it intellectually, but it wasn’t until I started trusting deeply and having direct experience of that fact that life started to truly become fun. And magical.

When I think about why it took me so long to understand this principle, I believe it was so that I could teach it others like yourself. And to help you save tons of time! You don’t want take that long. You’ve got dreams to realize! Let me help you by pointing out all the shortcuts.

Start Having More Fun! It’s a Magical Universe After All.

When you begin living on purpose, you begin to unlock life’s true magic. Things begin to unfold for you. People begin the show up in your life, the right people. At the perfect time. The right ideas fall into your lap, at the moment that you need them. Beautiful coincidences begin happening all around you.

The title of my site is Start Having More Fun! I can’t tell you how much I went back and forth on that. First, it kind of came to me in a waking dream. But I though that it sounded like a weird kind of reprimand or something. But I finally realized that it was something for me to live up to — something of a banner to raise, for myself and other funseekers out there. How can I have more fun? Have I scratched the surface of what’s possible? What does more fun look like?

Now let me be clear: I don’t mean fun like yippy-skippy-laughing-my-head-off-all-the-time fun, or having a perma-smile surgically affixed to my face. To me, fun means more feeling, more joy, more love, more ease, more peace, more health, more confidence, more friendship, more collaboration, more creation, more appreciation, more giving, more sharing, more prosperity, more delight, more savoring, more playfulness, and yes, more fun.

Funseekers: I’m calling you forth to play!

You are the cause of all the struggle or flow in your life. That’s the first shortcut I can give you. I decided that in order to begin thriving in life, I needed to stop being the cause of my struggle. If you feel deep in your heart that you were meant for something more, something bigger, something fun and playful and inspiring to others — then I invite you now to make a choice to commit to no longer stand in your own way, to no longer be that source of all struggle in your life.

If you are ready to generate more fun and more ease in your life, then you need a Creative Coach who can help you keep your commitment to yourself and who will keep you focused on your vision, while guiding you past the long winding road of fear, doubt and confusion, and instead showing you the shortcuts to principles and strategies that will radically shift the ground of your being for you to truly begin thriving.

When you coach with me, you will:

* gain clarity: uncover you passion. discover your purpose.
* get unstuck: get past the distractions and chart a course towards a fulfilling life
* chill out: experience deep inner peace on a consistent basis
* take action: prepare yourself for great change. move in ways you never though possible. do things that surprise and delight you.
* level up: grow stronger. begin taking responsibility for changing yourself and your life. become conscious of the enormity of your own personal power.
* raise your tolerance for joy: increase any upper limit you have for allowing more joy in your life
* have better chronic thoughts and stories: you cannot keep telling the same story without continuing to live the same circumstances. learn the art of telling a new story.
* invite other funseekers to play in your sandbox: discover how to create healthy creative relationships and get out of unhealthy ones
* unite play and work: discover how to merge your joy with your work, and get paid beautifully for it.
* have a good answer to the question of “what are you looking forward to?”
* have someone to support you, bounce ideas off of, and remind you you’re not alone
* and have massive amounts of fun in the process

“Chris has helped me make a profound shift in how I view what’s possible in my life. I went to film school many years ago to realize my passion of becoming a film director. But I settled for being an editor. And while I’ve had a good career, I also had the feeling that I’d abandoned my true dream, and that my ship had sailed. One of the most powerful things about talking to Chris is that he asks GREAT questions. And in a very gentle way (you barely realize it’s happening) you start questioning your own limiting beliefs. You realize that some of them are arbitrary. Our conversations have helped me see much bigger possibilities. And that has lead to bigger actions. He also has a wealth of things he can refer, books, blogs, hacks, tips that have helped me in very practical ways as well. Now as I take giant steps (for me) towards directing my first film in years, I know it’s happening with a mental framework that Chris has helped me create. If you’re trying to grow or create something new in your life, I highly recommend him!”

Cinque Northern, Filmmaker

“When I first started working with Chris I felt constantly pulled in multiple directions and overextended. Even while on vacation I noticed that I had overbooked myself for several obligations. I spent very little time focusing on my own wellbeing. I lacked the calm and peace that I wanted in my life. This left me feeling emotionally exhausted and often short fused.

Very shortly after I started working with Chris I began to reshape my choices and feel more empowered to make better decisions both regarding how I framed my everyday experience and how I chose to spend my time. I started developing healthy habits that renewed my energy. I became happier at work and at home and shifted away from feeling guilty to feeling present.

Probably my biggest a-ha moment came in a convenience store while buying dinner and realizing that I was blaming the store for my own decision to schedule back-to-back meetings all day and not make time for a healthy dinner. Repeating to myself “I created this because I wanted to” helped me see that I am in charge of my own life, energy, thoughts, and decisions.

I have worked with psychologists and counselors in the past, but I found my experience with Chris to have almost immediate results and provide me with a practical framework to improve my outlook and life. I’m now a better parent and a happier person.”

Julia W., Entrepreneur

If you’re feeling excitement about the possibilities for your life and this is all resonating deeply with you, then it would be my privilege and honor to help guide you toward your path. I love helping people like you live more fully and freely, so I invite you to apply for a Complimentary 88 Minute Clarity Call + Strategy Session with me here.

Questions? Drop me a line.

It takes courage to begin living joyfully on purpose, but the rewards can be great.

With love and appreciation,


I want to get unstuck & become excited about life!
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* you’ll walk away clearer, more excited, and inspired to take fun action

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