It’s ok to have fun and enjoy life.

If your life currently sucks, you can change that.

Hi, my name is Chris and I show artists, entrepreneurs, and other funseekers who are struggling with fear, frustration, self-doubt and resistance how to get unstuck, begin thriving and start having more fun in their life and business than they ever thought possible.

It’s amazing how paralyzed we can become from just feelings and the stories we tell ourselves, and sometimes we become aware that we’re trapped, but most of the time we’re not. A lot people are screaming on the inside to get unstuck, but they don’t know how to do it.

If this is you, then know two things: the fact that you’re here and you’re reading this means you’re aware that you’ve become trapped and you don’t want it to go on any longer. And also know that you’ve come to the right place. Not only is it possible to get unstuck, but I show people how to do it all the time.

I’m a coach who helps people like yourself discover how to power up, reach the ultimate level of your game, and learn to enjoy every moment of it (even the difficult ones).

Whether you’re just starting out, or you have achieved some success but can’t seem to break past a certain set point in your career, I can help you to begin to live more fully and freely. You can double your confidence this year, increase your income significantly, and experience a surge in the level of joy you feel day to day.

When you being to play with this kind of freedom and joy in your life, when you begin to see that there’s nothing on the line other than to have fun, you will feel a level of fearlessness and ease in your life compared to the way of other people who think their well-being is dependent on things showing up a certain way “out there.”

Things just work out when you learn how to take your attention off of the outside world and begin to put them on how your inner world is flowing.

If you’re ready to thrive as an artist or entrepreneur, I can help you to discover:

* what your feelings are for and what they’re really trying to tell you.
* what burnout means and how to recover from it, and even prevent it before it happens.
* what you’re doing to yourself when you’re feeling overwhelmed and how to transform it.
* how to cultivate healthy creative relationships.
* how to radically shift all the power you perceive to be outside yourself.
* how to get paid to play and have fun (find or develop professional work where your values are aligned with what you actually do, and work alongside kind, loving and capable people doing the same).
* how to get excited about your life.
* how to stop playing smaller than you really are and learn how to play a bigger game (more meaningful, and something you’re seriously passionate about).
* ways to upgrade your beliefs and cultivate a growth mindset.
* how to take on challenges and see them through by creating accountability in your life.
* what your fundamental practices are (what you need to do in order to have your life begin working) and lay the foundation of doing them consistantly (begin tracking them, being held accountable, develop the positive habits).
* ways to turn your enthusiasm into expertise (everyone has their own enthusiasms. I can help you find and strengthen yours. The world needs humans who maintain their capacity for enthusiasm into adulthood.)
* how to make bold choices in your life and follow through and trust yourself completely to do so.
* and as outlandish as it sounds, finally discover absolute freedom — find deep relief from knowing not just intellectually but experientially that you are not broken; you are perfect exactly the way you are right now. (only then, from this place of understanding will your life begin to flourish and true power and magic begin to emerge).

“Thanks for helping me understand how to come out of negative thinking! What a difference it has made for me already... You’re a wizard, alchemist and a jedi.”

Conor Provenzano, Filmmaker